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Educational Background

Personal Biography

Prof. John A. Copeland holds the John H. Weitnauer, Jr., Chair in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar. He is the Director of the Communications Systems Center (CSC). This center is doing research on digital communication networks, including wireless sensor networks and WiFi and WiMAX networks, with emphasis on providing security and Quality of Service.

He served as Director of the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT) from June 1993 to Nov. 1996. As Director, Dr. Copeland had broad responsibilities for the organizational, programmatic, and financial development of GCATT. In that period, GCATT managed a Georgia Research Alliance program that distributed approximately $20,000,000 to six Georgia research universities. It was allocated $24,000,000 by the State of Georgia and $5,000,000 by private and industry sources for a 150,000 sq. ft. building which was completed in June 1996.

Prior to joining Georgia Tech in March 1993, Dr. Copeland was Vice President, Technology at Hayes Microcomputer Products (1985-1993), and Vice President, Engineering Technology at Sangamo Weston, Inc. (1982-1985) and served at Bell Labs (1965-1982).

He began his career at Bell Labs conducting research on semi-conductor microwave and millimeter-wave devices. Later, he supervised a group that developed magnetic bubble computer memories. In 1974, he led a team that designed CMOS integrated circuits, including Bell Labs' first microprocessor, the BELLMAC-8. His last contributions at Bell Labs were in the area of lightwave communications and optical logic. At Sangamo Weston he was responsible for R&D groups at ten divisions. At Hayes was responsible for the development of modems with data compression and error control, and for Hayes' representation on CCITT and ANSI standards committees. In 2000 he invented the StealthWatch system for network security monitoring, and founded LANcope, Inc. which today has deployed StealthWatch on over 100 corporate, government, and defense networks.

Dr. Copeland received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been awarded 43 patents and has published over 50 technical articles. In 1970 he was awarded IEEE's Morris N. Liebmann Award for his work on gallium arsenide microwave devices. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and has served that organization as the Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. He served on the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (1983-1993).

Honors and Awards

Ferst Award for Graduate Student Research at Georgia Tech, 1965.
IEEE Solid State Circuits Conference Best Paper Award, 1967.
IEEE Morris Liebmann Award for LSA MM-Wave Oscillator, 1972.
IEEE Fellow for optically-coupled semiconductor logic circuits, 1987.
John H. Weitnauer Chair at Georgia Tech, 1993.

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